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DCBB 2013 : "Caim" Art

Had the pleasure of drawing for the minibang story "Caim"
by the lovely wildewinged u///v///u
ahhhhh here's my lil' contribution

caim chapter break
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DCBB 2013: "Splash" Art

Art masterlist for the deancas big bang story "Splash"
by jokersgf
woohoo mers wohoooo ;v;!

Splash header dcbb
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Ahhhh I teamed up with the awesome lysanatt for the Gabriel Big Bang ;v;
I had loads of fun drawing and Natt is such a sweetheart ahhhhh ;3;
Hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did!

 photo 1365470431.png
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Because I make everyone into kemonomimis eventually and this street animal AU idea just won't get out of my head ORZ;;


-“Going to see those Winchester Hounds?”
“W-What n-no Brother I would ne-“
-“I’m coming with.”

Cat!Cas and Cockatoo!Gabe can’t get enough of those Winchester hound dogs though

Demons Beware Of Dogs
"Those Winchester Hounds will run you straight outta town"

I had to draw the boys to complete the team
So have some GermanShepherd!Dean and Mastiff!Sam
*rolls off into the sun*

Might do more with this au later because I really like it herp derp

Black Cat Club

So I noticed awhile back that in a good portion of my OTPs there is at least one person with black or dark brown hair.
So naturally I started drawing them together...as black cat nekomimis
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Herp a derp first time drawing for any sort of Bang
and I was a pinch hitter artist for deancasbigbang.
I got a lovely story by wallmakerrelict It has two of my favorite things;
Cats and Supernatural so it's a win-win! C:

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Oh wow

I'm prolly just gonna use livejournal to post fanart of my various ships/famdoms since tumblr is used for my ocs and I really wanna get into fandom in general. Ohohoho

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